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Opening of the h.arta space - thu, 4 september, 18.00h

The launching of the project space Feminims. Histories, free spaces, participatory democracy, economic justice will have as a background a display of texts presenting fragments of discussions, opinions, questions, possible answers about feminism... »»»
Opening of the h.arta space - thu, 4 september, 18.00h

Lovekills Festival

Lovekills Festival takes place in 26-27 of September, between 13:00-22:00 hours.  »»»

17-18 of October - CARE Centre- "Unsex me"

The workshops realized by the members of CARE centre (students, graduate students/ alumni and teacher Roxana Marin) bring into discussion the importance of the questioning of gender stereotypes in the context of a model of democratic education system, an education system to which pupils and teachers participate from equal positions. »»»

27 of October 2008 - Young, Female, Precarious. A talk by Joanne Richardson

Young, Female, Precarious is a DVD compilation of 5 videos about gender and precarious labour by D Media (Romania) and Ak-Kraak (Germany).  »»»

26 of October 2008 - Commonplaces of Transition. A screening and talk by Joanne Richardson

Joanne Richardson will present the collaborative video project Commonplaces of Transition and discuss some of the issues raised by the project, focusing in particular on the 1989 revolution and post-communist "transition" in Romania and, secondly, on the difference between political art and making art politically. »»»

“Is tradition good for women? The contestation of the appropriation by the state of the religious practices of inferiorization of women: theory, activism, courtrooms” - a presentation by Emil Mois

The presentation will contain the description of a process of the fight against the discrimination of women and of the struggle for changing the mentalities that are the cause of this discrimination, which are sustaining and promoting discrimination. I will talk about theoretical approaches, about activism and about ways to bring into court matters regarding the religious practices that lead to the inferiorization of women, about all these and also about less visible aspects, that are usually kept silent but that are most often making the whole process more interesting… »»»

11 of December 2008- Back through the Future.A project by Kati Morawek.

"A Novel", based on the genre of feminist science fiction and so called “social fiction”. Social fiction is a sub-genre in science fiction which is based on political utopias for society, culture, technology and especially sex and gender, often portrayed as “liberated” to a certain degree, based on transgressive perspectives on sexuality, heteronormativity, a description of more than two sexes, or different versions of the “cyborg”. Documents have an important role when it comes to the construction, narration and transmission of history and are useful for any construction of „future histories“. Could there be an „archive of the future“, herstories of anticipation? Could it be possible to draw „future cartographies“ and which impact may the depiction of fictive social systems have for the imagination of desirable futures? »»»
11 of December 2008- Back through the Future.A project by Kati Morawek.

Open call - The Gender of the City – Video Workshop on Gender and Urbanism

Workshop initiated by Katharina Koch (Berlin) – filmmaker/cultural anthropologist - and h.arta Group. The workshop will take place in the time frame of 14th February- 8th March 2009, and there will be four meetings in h.arta space and the public space of the city. Registrations until 10th February at harta.harta@gmail.com.  »»»
Open call - The Gender of the City – Video Workshop on Gender and Urbanism

8th of March - The International Women’s Day!

8th of March has a history connected to the struggles of women for social equality, a history of the efforts and sacrifices that regular women did in order to obtain labour rights. This history of a day meant to celebrate the working women (women doing paid labour and unpaid house works, women doing productive and reproductive labour) is hidden under the identification of the 8th of march with a day that celebrates passive women, women who are made to consider that their fate is to be only mothers and consumers. We invite you to celebrate 8 of March having in mind all the women that have opposed and continue to oppose the multiple inequalities, all the women who by their attitudes and their actions participate trough time to the construction of a more equal reality! »»»

A Pink Room of One's Own

A project by Nita Mocanu. The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, 27 of March, at 18:00 hours. »»»

Playing the Building. A project by Reni Hofmueller

3-9 of April 2009, at the former hat factory Paltim from Timisoara »»»
Playing the Building. A project by Reni Hofmueller

The traces of words. Closing of the project space. Monday 27 of April 2009

By the means of a series of events that took place at the Project Space, of actions in public space and of a research that will take the form of a publication, the project Feminisms wishes to reflect on the questions and contexts of various feminist practices from Romania and from abroad. The project focuses on those issues and practices which are questioning the things that are usually taken for granted, that create new spaces and open up new perspectives, that activate our creativity and give us the courage to believe that there are alternatives to the system we live in. Issues and practices that demonstrate that there are freer and more democratic ways of living and that the finding of these alternative ways of living depends on the everyday gestures of each of us. The Feminisms Project space came to an end. The discussions, the meetings, the interactions that took place here, in the somehow idealised environment of the Project space, in its laboratory setting, will continue in other spaces and in other formats. They will go on in the public space, in the format of a book, and maybe, most importantly, in our everyday gestures, in the gestures where were reflected the traces of the words that gave shape to our ideas.  »»»

FEMINISME. Recapitulând concepte şi afirmând noi poziţii/ FEMINISMS. Reviewing concepts and affirming new positions

ed. h.arta, Timisoara, 2010 Contributors : Petja Dimitrova, Lina Dokuzović &Eduard Freudmann, Grupul F.I.A., C.A.R.E. Centre, Carmen Gheorghe, Simina Guga, h.arta, Reni Hofmüller, Katharina Koch, Monica Melin, Nita Mocanu, Katharina Morawek. »»»
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